Vehicle Customization

Enhance Your Shop’s Vehicle Customization & Restoration Capabilities with a CNC Plasma Cutting Table That Can Handle Any Fabrication

Metal fabricators who specialize in vehicle customization pride themselves on custom auto body fabrication or restoration can drive their business to a whole new level of success in the industry be relying on MaverickCNC’s powerful and fully automated CNC plasma cutting table. Fueled by cutting-edge Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics plasma technology. With one of these exceptional machines at your disposal, there will be no vehicle fabrication you can’t complete, from custom body work to interior equipment.

Features That Will Impress You

Thanks to MaverickCNC’s easy-to-operate CAD/CAM/CNC software, you’ll be able to perfectly process materials on the first go. The fast and precise drive system offers cutting positional accuracy within .001 of an inch, and the auto torch height controller performs rapid responsive sampling over 10,000 times per second. To expand your customization capabilities, add a pneumatic scriber and manual bevel that can cut up to 45 degrees.

Reliable Support for a Lifetime

At MaverickCNC, we build our tables with one overarching purpose in mind – to push your business to a whole new level of success. To help you excel in an arena full of talented fabricators, we’ll provide turnkey two-day installation and onsite training services with the purchase of your CNC plasma cutting table. Additionally, you can rely on free and unlimited internet and phone support for life.

Contact us today to experience for yourself why the ideal CNC table for custom vehicle fabrication shops across the United States is a MaverickCNC.

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