Understanding CNC plasma cutting consumables

What are consumables and why they are important for CNC plasma cutting

Consumables are the removeable pieces located in the front end of a plasma torch. When you buy a new Maverick CNC plasma table, a consumable starter kit will be included. This kit will include consumables for a range of material and understanding the function of each consumable will help maximize productivity, reduce operating cost, and allow for the best possible cut quality.

Consumables are wear parts and will need to be changed after a certain amount of cutting. Consumables vary for different applications and often material type and thickness will dictate which consumables are used. The operators manual contains cut charts that will guide you on which consumables are recommended for each specific application.

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What are the different components that make up plasma consumable?

  1. Electrode
    • Electrodes have an emitter in the tip that initiates the plasma process. This emitter will wear during use and create a pit in the end of the electrode. The electrode will need to be changed once the pit reaches a certain depth.
  2. Swirl Ring
    • The swirl ring is designed to force gas into the nozzle in a circular motion (swirling), which helps with the compression of the plasma arc. It also acts as an electrical insulator between the nozzle and the electrode.
  3. Nozzle
    • The nozzle restricts the flow of gas to create a very high velocity column that helps compress the plasma arc. This compressed arc is responsible for cut quality, accuracy, and speed.
  4. Retaining Cap
    • The retaining cap is the largest of the consumables. It is designed to hold all of the consumables in the correct location to each other as well as in alignment with the torch body.
  5. Shield
    • Shields thread onto the end of the retaining cap and are at very front of the torch. The main function of the shield is to protect the other consumables from molten material during piercing and cutting operations.

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components of plasma consumables

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