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MaverickCNC and our friends at Hypertherm partnered to hire Kenny Hauk of Hauk Designs to build The Maverick, a custom offroad Jeep showcasing the cutting capabilities of the MaverickCNC MV Series CNC cutting table and Hypertherm Powermax 85 air plasma system. Watch episodes of Hauk Machines on Amazon Prime Video with Kenny and his crew using the MaverickCNC MV510 cutting table to cut parts for The Maverick.

We’ve taken The Maverick on the road across the country visiting vendors, customers, shops, and maybe a few fast food joints along the way showing them the the exact cutting capabilities and true craftsmanship MaverickCNC and Hypertherm can provide when you put it them together.

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Hauk Machines follows Kenny Hauk and his crew as they create one of a kind off road vehicles with a twist. Kenny knows that in order to draw attention in the high stakes world of custom vehicle parts and products, you need to stand out from the crowd. His team specializes in creating theme based off road vehicles that marry form and function.

The Maverick Jeep Specs

  • 1946 Willy’s MB on a custom Hauk Designs frame with a Dana 44 rear axle.
  • Bilstein coilovers on all four corners with a Hauk Designs front drop axle and custom four link suspension up front with a Red Neck Ram hydraulic assist steering system.
  • A Cummins R2.8 diesel four cylinder engine is connected to a AX15 manual transmission via a Advance Adapters adapter.
  • Revolution 5:13 gears in the rear Dana 44. Autometer gauges.
  • Pitbull 37″ tires in the rear with 35″ Pitbull Tires in the front wrapped around Raceline Desperado wheels.
  • A satin layer of Keystone Hotrod clear over a Kenny Hauk signature patina finish.
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