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CNC Plasma Cutting Table Training and Software

MaverickCNC plasma cutting machines combined with software packages and training curriculum are providing educators the technology and tools required to deliver best in industry training to their students.

In an industry where technology is continuously evolving, it is critical instructors and students have access to the latest equipment and most current software. MaverickCNC plasma tables utilize the latest CAD/CAM/CNC software in the market. Every educational package includes licenses to MaverickCNC software, allowing students independent access. Also included are 30 licenses to Hypertherm’s ProNest software, the market leader in industrial nesting software. To complete the educational package, we offer a full training curriculum with training materials, student workbooks, sample parts, and support material.

Buy Quality. Buy MaverickCNC.

For most small to mid-level industrial businesses, purchasing a CNC plasma table is a big financial decision. And when it comes to those significant financial investments, there are a few questions you must ask. The most important question you will ask is, “How does this purchase help to grow my business?” The answer to that is quality! At MaverickCNC, our sole focus is quality. From the components used to build our CNC plasma tables to the support provided after the purchase.

We manufacture all of our plasma tables with a fully-welded frame, heavy-duty material support table, dual-purpose fume control solution for both downdraft and water. Additionally, fully machined side rails with specialty steel V-rails and industrial bearings ensure rigidity and strength of our plasma cutting tables. We also provide two complete licenses of our MaverickCNC Pro CAD/CAM/CNC software, allowing operators the flexibility to design in multiple locations.

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The Quality of a MaverickCNC Plasma Cutting Table

The quality of any educational program directly impacts the quality of the equipment used in the classroom. MaverickCNC plasma cutters are built on heavy-duty industrial frames and designed for the abuse of daily operations in the most demanding commercial environments. The rigidity of the machine design allows them to stand up to the mistreatment often experienced in a teaching environment. The use of high-quality components assures the best possible performance and reliability, reducing downtime and cost of operation.

Every plasma cutting table also receives free, unlimited technical support and comes with a one-year warranty. Order MaverickCNC plasma tables in 5’x5’, 5’x10’, and 6’x12’ sizes to accommodate material needs and space availability.

MaverickCNC Educational Packages

Partners in Educational Programs

It is essential to partner with credible organizations with the ability to support your educational program today as well as in the future. MaverickCNC has become one of the largest manufacturers of plasma cutting tables in North America. We numerous machines in educational facilities throughout the US and Canada. We have focused on building quality CNC plasma tables for over 15 years. In the 15 years, we have developed excellent relations with the leading plasma manufacturers and gas distributors. We assure you that MaverickCNC will be there to support your CNC plasma table and educational program going forward.

MaverickCNC understands the value vocational and technical institutions serve the industry. We want to partner with you to develop the best possible training programs. The students of today are the workers of tomorrow, and together we can help assure they are successful.

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