Maverick CAD/CAM/CNC Software Training Videos

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At MaverickCNC, we believe in the importance of being there for our customers after they have purchased a CNC plasma table from us. As you use your plasma table, we realize you will come across questions regarding the MarverickCNC CAD/CAM/CNC Software. To help quickly answer those questions, we put together software training videos for you to reference. However, if these videos don’t completely answer your question(s), or you prefer to speak directly to one of our Technicians, please call us 888-988-3911.


Chamfer Tool

Adding a Chamfer corner to your drawing is quick and easy with the MaverickCNC software. Select the two lines, determine the desired parameters and click apply.

 Group and Ungroup

Once you have a completed drawing, it is a good idea to ‘group’ the drawing. This helps to move the drawing around as a whole, instead of accidentally moving a piece of the drawing. If you need to make changes, you can easily ‘ungroup’ the drawing.

Snap Tools

The snap tool is very helpful when trying to pinpoint a specific area of a drawing that you are trying to click on.

Oval tool

Creating an oval in your drawing will be quick and easy after watching this video.

Drawing a Square

Under the create section of the toolbar, click on the square button to create a square. Move your cursor down to the x+, y+ portion of your screen and click on the origin point to start drawing your square. When you are finished using the square tool, you can either click on the square button on the toolbar or hit escape.

Fix Drawing Tool

After importing an image, there may be some flaws (overlaying or unconnected lines) that need to be fixed before cutting. Using the Fix Drawing tool can help you quickly fix those flaws.

Fillet/Radius Tool

Adding a Fillet/Radius corner to your drawing is quick and easy with the MaverickCNC software. Select the two lines, determine the desired parameters and click apply.


The text function in the MaverickCNC software allows for a number of customizations. This video will take you step-by-step of all the different options our text features provide.

Rounded Slots

In just a few easy steps, you can create rounded slots out of a square slot. This video will walk you through that step-by-step.

Creating an Arc

Easily create arcs using the arc button under the toolbar. There are three different arc options to pick from; center point, tangent or three-point arc.

Scale Tool

Quickly scale up or down a drawing using percentages with ‘point and factor’ or using ‘3 points’. As your making the adjustments, you can see both the original size and the changes being made.

Importing Images

Importing an image is easy with the MaverickCNC software. There are two ways to imports images, using the import tool (jpg or png) or the import DXF/DWG files.

Shape Library

The shape library comes with a bunch of different preloaded files that you can customize to whatever size you need.

Polygon Tool

Creating a polygon is easy when using our software. First, determine the size, and then how many sides.


CAM Reset

The CAM Reset tool is like an undo function. In one click, it allows you to get back to your original drawing.

Lead In/Lead Out

This video will walk you through how to use the lead in and lead out feature of the MaverickCNC CAD/CAM/CNC Software.

Project Plasma Settings

Before beginning any cut, it is important to ensure you have the correct setup. As you are entering all the material information (type, length, width, thickness, etc.) and the machine settings a warning box will appear in the event the instruments on the machine don’t correspond with the material being cut. Once all the parameters are acceptable, you can move to CNC to begin cutting.


There are two options when using the Nesting feature; grid nesting and true shape nesting. Grid Nesting places your drawing in a grid, spacing them equal distances apart. True Shape Nesting will try to optimize the material by placing the drawing to get the most use of the material.

CAM Program Parameters

Once you’ve completed your drawing in CAD, you can simply move that drawing over to CAM and see all the tool paths.

CAM View Toggles

The CAM View Toggles allows you to turn on and off the different features like cutting direction, materials, parts, etc. For example, if you turn on cutting direction, it will show you which way the cuts will be made.


Machine Start Up and Homing

A step-by-step process of starting up your MaverickCNC plasma cutting table and then home the machine to determine it’s limitations.

Rip Cut

The rip cut feature is effortless a quick. By simply placing the torch where you want the cut to start, enter in the distance and feed rate of the cut and hit run to begin the rip cut.

Machine Motion & Setting Program (0,0)

Once you have your drawing ready, and you’ve gone through the project and program setup, this video will walk you through getting the machine in the correct position to start cutting. You accomplish this by using the motion controls features in the MaverickCNC Software.

System Status

The MaverickCNC software comes with a system status button that will show you all the input lines and where the faults occurring. This is a quick way visual to see where those faults are coming from, rather than having to manually inspect the machine.

Jump to Line and Dry Run

In the event you experience a ‘fault’, causing you to pause the cutting process, you can use the Jump to Line function to pick up right where you left off. If you need to start in the middle of two endpoints, you can use the Dry Run function to get there.

Feed Rate and Torch Height Control

If you need to adjust the feed rate or torch height while cutting, you can easily do that with the MaverickCNC software.

Salvaging a part after an Error

The MaverickCNC CAD/CAM/CNC Software comes with a feature that allows you to pick up where you left off on a cut in the event of an error or fault during the cutting process. The features Jump to Line and Dry Run helps to salvage your material, saving you money.

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