Small Fabrication Shops

A CNC Plasma Cutting Table Designed to Help Small Fabrication Shops Achieve Big Success

Small fabrication shops have to work extra hard to stay ahead in a crowded industry and should take advantage of any edge they can get. With MaverickCNC, you’ll find not just an edge, but a huge leap forward for your business. Each high-tech CNC plasma cutting table is the brainchild of the automation experts at MaverickCNC and can elevate your production with better quality cuts, speedier production, reduced waste, and leading customization options.

Features You Can Rely on for Perfect Results

A key feature of a MaverickCNC table is the CAD/CAM/CNC software. This system is exceptionally easy to use – simply load your design and materials, then watch the fully automated software process the entire fabrication. This technology combined with a powerful Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter provides precise cuts on the first go and helps to minimize waste associated with cutting mistakes. The fast driving system ensures positional accuracy of .001.  This CNC plasma cutting table is also available with a laser pointer for enhanced accuracy, a pneumatic scriber for custom etchings and engraving, and a manual bevel for 45-degree cutting.

We’re Your Partners for Life

Small metal fabrication shop owners can find an invaluable partner with MaverickCNC. To help your business achieve a level of success you’ve only dreamed about reaching, our turnkey solution includes two-day installation and training at your shop anywhere in the United States, as well as free and unlimited internet and phone support for a lifetime.

When you need a CNC plasma table designed for small fabrication shops, MaverickCNC has a solution. To learn more about how we can help improve your operations and grow your business, contact us today.

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