The MV55 Series – A Small CNC Plasma Table Capable of Big Things

MV55 Plasma Cutting TableMaverickCNC is prized among metal fabricators for its ability to improve the quality and speed of custom fabrication. If you’re ready for a cutting-edge tool that will help your fabrication business succeed, but you’re worried about the limited space in your shop, have no fear – there’s a CNC plasma table for you. The MV55 Series includes MaverickCNC’s renowned fully automated CAD/CAM/CNC software, as well as industry-leading plasma technology, on a 5×5 table that is compact enough to fit in your shop without taking up too much space.

Features to Improve Your Processing

MaverickCNC’s CAD/CAM/CNC software has an all-in-one interface that is very simple to use. Thanks to its fully automated operation, production time is reduced and cutting mistakes are all but eliminated, helping you save on costs. And, with a Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics power source, paired with a zero-backlash system, your fabrication will be accurate and pristine. To make the best use of your talents, we can equip your new CNC plasma table with a laser pointer, pneumatic scriber, or oxy-fuel torch.

The Perfect CNC Plasma Machine for You

The MV55 Series is perfect for small shops that need a reliable CNC plasma table for infrequent fabrication. Whether you specialize in replacement parts, metal artwork, or anything in between, MaverickCNC can handle all your fabrication on a compact 5×5 CNC plasma table. To help your fabrication business achieve a level of success you’ve always strived for, we’ll include two-day onsite installation and training, in addition to free and unlimited phone and internet support for life.

If your shop is tight on space and you need a CNC plasma table that will help elevate your business, contact MaverickCNC today.

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