Oxy Fuel

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Maximize your table’s cutting performance.

Oxy Fuel Accessory

You’ve got the tool, now get the fuel! The fuel that will maximizes the cutting performance you want and your clients demand. That means only one thing: Oxy-Fuel. Oxy-Fuel — a combination of oxygen and gas fuels — surpasses plasma when it comes to cutting thicker layers of mild steel. Due to its oxygen beam, Oxy-Fuel frees you up for a steeper angle of cut — 70º as compared to plasma’s 45º. Another benefit is it’s economical. It’s the most cost-efficient process for cutting carbon steel, and costs for initial investment, along with consumables and operating costs, are all lower in comparison to plasma.

Once the torch elevates the metal to its ignition point, a fine, high-pressure stream of oxygen is focused on the metal, burning it into metal oxide, which, in turn, flows away from the material. So, little or no slag collects on the bottom edge. However, you can easily scarp away any slag does form. Precise cuty is the result.

The final complement: Oxy-Fuel integrates with Maverick plasma cutting machines, allowing you to turn to the tool that’s best suited to the assignment.

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MaverickCNC Oxy Fuel

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