Metal Fabrication

A CNC Plasma Cutting Table That Can Elevate Any Size Metal Fabrication Shop

No matter what you throw at it, from one-off custom cuts to mass-produced metal fabrication, there’s a MaverickCNC plasma table for you. With a full product line and a variety of accessories to choose from, your new CNC plasma cutting table, manufactured by the automation experts at MaverickCNC, will be the backbone of your fabrication business.

MV Series

Designed for all level of shops, the MaverickCNC MV Series is easy to operate and provides precise cuts for custom fabrication. With an economical price tag, the MV Series is perfect for businesses that require a trustworthy plasma cutting table for when quick and accurate fabrication is needed.


If metal fabrication is the cornerstone of your company, you need the enduring performance of the MaverickCNC MV-Pro. This workhorse of a CNC plasma cutting table makes easy work of high-volume processing, powered by state-of-the-art Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics plasma technology. When the workday begins and ends with pristine fabrication, the MV-Pro table will be a vital component in driving your business to the next level.

Features & Accessories

Each MaverickCNC series comes with a durable gantry, easy-to-use and fully automated CAD/CAM/CNC software, and a fast and precise drive system. Available accessories include a laser pointer, a pneumatic scriber, oxy-fuel cutting technology, and a manual bevel.

Turnkey Services

Each MaverickCNC table is more than just a CNC plasma table for metal fabrication – it’s a solution. With your purchase, you’ll receive two-day installation and onsite training, as well as free and unlimited internet and phone support for life. Contact us today to learn which series is right for your metal fabrication needs, and get ready to reach another level of success.

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