Customer Testimonial – Lee County Equipment

Lee County Equipment, LLC manufactures Farm and Trucking Equipment.

Lee County Equipment in Leesburg Georgia focuses farm equipment manufacturing, D.O.T. annual inspection for your truck, assistance in selling your excess farm equipment and helping customers buy a good used piece of equipment.  They bring the same high standards they have used to build a decade long track record of customer satisfaction.

See what Eddie Ross from Lee County has to say about their new MaverickCNC MV510 CNC plasma cutting table with Hypertherm 105 plasma and how it has helped speed up their production time. The MaverickCNC MV510 give them the ability to cut out the parts they need fast instead of buying from a supplier and waiting for shipping.

The MV Series is made for those small and mid-level shops whose needs for a quality cutter. Designed using industrial quality components that are durable and require less maintenance, the MV-Series is a much more economical, easily operated solution that still has the quality backing of Maverick’s superior fit and finish. Set-up is simple, performance is reliable and cuts are exacting and consistent. If you’re Lee County Equipment, or anyone whose cutting needs are common but not everyday, then this is the Maverick you want by your side.

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