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Maverick’s Laser Pointer system is software driven and connected to a generator that allows you to power up or power down the laser at any given point in the program. Then again, you can work manually with it via your computer. With the Laser Pointer’ large radius, you can mount the unit at the top of the torch, away from the cutting area, allowing you more precise control. Think of it as your bombsight for achieving infinitesimal excellence.

The adjustable head of the Laser Pointer gives you a greater degree of flexibility by allowing you to adjust the beam in order to match your specific assignment. You can also locate your torch position without having to move the head of the torch. That helps you accurately position the material to be cut on the bed and opens up a clear view of the tool path while you test cycle a program without cutting.

When the job calls for detail to the nth degree, turn to Maverick’s Laser Pointer.

Laser Pointer

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