An interview with Kenny Hauk of Hauk Designs

Hauk Designs: King of custom off road fabrication

Kenny Hauk is the owner and founder of Hauk Designs, a custom fabrication company located in Chambersburg, PA. Hauk Design specializes in custom industrial and residential designs and their Hauk Off Road brand manufactures a full line of specialty Jeep products geared towards off road enthusiasts. Kenny is also the master designer in the hit TV show Hauk Machines, where his team builds one of a kind, theme based off road vehicles. Hauk Machines can be seen on the Amazon Prime channel. Kenny comes from humble beginnings having worked in the construction industry until getting laid off during the housing market crash in 2006. At the time he was designing a snorkel for his Jeep because he was not happy with the quality of product available. After completion Kenny started to receive requests for his snorkel and decided to pursue the opportunity. These initial sales were the beginning of Hauk Designs, which has grown into a highly respected, state-of-the-art manufacturing company.

Buying a MaverickCNC plasma table changed their game

Hauk Designs utilizes the latest high-tech equipment in their facility including a MaverickCNC table with a Hypertherm plasma cutter. When asked how having a CNC plasma cutting table has impacted their operation Kenny stated, “We have more ideas then time, having the ability to draw concepts in CAD and cut them in house saves us weeks in comparison to sending out each design to be cut.” “Buying our first plasma table and press brake was a turning point for our company”. As part of building custom products Kenny said, “ We often have to cut prototype parts and bringing everything in house greatly streamlined our operation and lowered our cost.” Learning to run the MaverickCNC plasma table was not difficult Kenny explained, “ The training was very good, and the technician really took his time with us.”

Launch of the third season of Hauk Machines on Amazon Prime Video

Kenny and his crew are just wrapping up their third season of Hauk Machines and will be jumping right into filming season four, which will feature unique builds including a vintage snow cat, a monster diesel jeep, and a Can-Am UTV. Kenny is incredibly happy with the results of their third season stating, “We continue to be more ambitious and push our design concepts further on every vehicle.” Kenny credits his sponsors like MaverickCNC for much of the success of the show. “Without our sponsors and their equipment, it would be impossible to bring our visions to life”. Hauk Designs have also benefitted from support of industry recognized plasma guru Jim Colt. Jim’s tips and tricks videos can be seen on MaverickCNC’s website.

Maverick Truck

Commited to investing in operational capabilities

Since the beginning, Hauk Designs has remained committed to investing in their operational capabilities and is currently running their third MaverickCNC plasma machine. The MaverickCNC machine delivers the most advanced technology in CNC software, motion control, and plasma cutting technology available in a light-industrial CNC plasma table. It is this level of dedication to manufacturing excellence that inspired MaverickCNC to commission Hauk Designs to build the Maverick Flat Rod. This one of a kind vehicle showcases what can be accomplished when technology and creativeness come together.

Come see the Maverick and meet Kenny Hauk, Jim Colt, and the entire MaverickCNC team at Sema this November.

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