How to cut corrugated metal with a CNC plasma table

What is corrugated metal and why it’s tricky to cut it

Corrugated metal is a thin sheet of steel strengthened for use in construction by having a series of grooves and ridges cold formed into it. Although the primary use for this material is roofing, it is often used in other practices and has become very popular in the artistic market. Cutting corrugated material with a CNC plasma machine can be tricky. Automated torch height control systems like the ones found on MaverickCNC plasma machines, use arc voltage to monitor torch to work distance and recognize any height discrepancies. The continuous height variations created by the corrugations will challenge any torch height control system as the torch travels across the plate. By using the correct parameters though, it is possible to cut corrugated material on a CNC plasma table.

How to use a CNC plasma table to get the best cuts

Because the torch will need to raise and lower as it passes over the corrugations it will be necessary to slow down the cut speed. By slowing down the X and Y axis, you are providing a little more time for the torch to raise and lower as needed. One downside to reducing cut speeds is you will likely see an increase of dross attaching itself to the bottom of the cut piece. Depending on the intended use, this may create a little extra secondary work to remove it. Another setting which may need to be adjusted is the speed of the torch height control (Z axis). By setting the Z axis at a relatively high rate, the torch will be able to raise and lower more quickly as it passes over the corrugations. With the slower travel speed and increased THC raise and lower speeds, you will be surprised how well you can cut corrugated metal. You can also watch this video.

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