Features of the Hypertherm Powermax Plasma System

Hypertherm Powermax45XP, 65, 85, 105, 125 plasma – What makes them the best air plasma sources on the market?

MaverickCNC plasma tables utilize Hypertherm’s Powermax line of plasma systems. The systems available are the Powermax 45XP, 65, 85, 105, and the 125. The systems range from 45 amps to 125 amps with the model number designating the units maximum  amperage output (i.e. the Powermax105 is a 105 amp system). The systems support a wide range of production cut capacity from as thin as 22GA all the way up to 1½”.

All of the Powermax system come fully integrated to the MaverickCNC plasma table and all cut charts and parameters are preloaded. The Powermax mechanized torch is installed and works seamlessly with the automatic torch height control system. The standard quick disconnect option allows for easy switch over to a hand torch and lead (optional) allowing for manual cutting applications.

All the Powermax systems are designed to be user friendly with simple to operate controls. The amperage setting is digitally displayed on the LCD control panel as well as diagnostics and error codes for easy trouble shooting. The mode selector knob enables selection of cut modes including mechanized, hand, expanded metal, and gouging options. Smart Sense technology automatically adjust gas pressure, reducing manual adjustments and maximizing uptime.

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