CNC Plasma cutting adjustments for excellent metal parts cut with a Hypertherm plasma cutter

Common adjustments the operator can make to improve cut quality

When a CNC plasma cutting table operator is looking to dial in cut quality, there are some common adjustments they should look at first.

MaverickCNC plasma cutting tables include CAD/CAM/CNC software with a full shape library.  All Hypertherm plasma parameters are preloaded in the CNC.  The operator simply selects the material type and thickness, and the CNC will automatically set all other parameters. This is a great starting point and typically factory recommended settings will provide good cut quality.

Jim Colt - Tips & Tricks

Knowing what to look for with your cut parts

  • Dross is the material left on the bottom edge of your cut part and it provides a lot of information regarding the cut process.
  • Low speed dross is a thick buildup of bubbly material on the bottom cut edge and can be easily removed. Low speed dross can be minimized by increasing cut speed, reducing amperage, or lowering cut height.
  • High speed dross is a tight bead on the bottom cut edge and difficult to remove and often requires grinding. This can be minimized by reducing cut speed, increasing amperage, or raising cut height.

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how to get excellent plasma cut parts

Watch the video below to know more

Plasma Cut Quality No Dross
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