Air Requirement for Plasma Cutting

What are the Air Requirements for plasma cutting?

One important aspect of plasma cutting that is not talked about very often is air requirements. Many believe you will need a large compressor and expensive airdrying equipment in order to run a plasma system. The reality is the Hypertherm Powermax systems installed on MaverickCNC plasma tables do not use much more air then common air tools like impact wrenches. Specific air pressure and air flow (SCFM) demands will be determined by the specific plasma model you run.

It is important however to have clean and dry air being delivered to your plasma system. Contaminated air can cause premature failure of consumables and have a negative impact on cut quality. The most common contaminate is moisture. This can be caused by external factors such as humidity and temperature. If your compressor is running a lot to keep up with the plasma, the air being generated can become hot and create moisture inside the tank. This moisture is forced down the air lines and eventually to the plasma torch and consumables.

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How are Hypertherm Powermax plasma sources helping with air quality?

Hypertherm Powermax systems have a coalescing filter that helps remove moisture and contaminants from the air. For moderate usage, an additional pneumatic air filtration system may be added in line between the compressor and the plasma. In addition to contaminants, air flow is very important. Make sure your compressor can support the required SCFM and your air lines are the proper diameter as specified by the Manufacturer.

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